With Ray Lewis’ injury potentially being career-ending, is he the best defensive player you have seen in your lifetime?


Brett Jensen
Host Of On The Beat #ReggieWhite

The key phrase is "in your lifetime." For someone 23, this answer is likely to be different than for someone 43 or 63. He is not the best defensive player in my lifetime. I don't even think he's in the top five in my lifetime. Remember Mike Singletary? What about Lawrence Taylor, who revolutionized the way defenses are played? The Steelers win when Troy Palamalu plays and loses when he doesn't. How about Deion Sanders invented term "shutdown corner"? Reggie White was unblockable. Ronnie Lott was All Pro at TWO positions. Ray Lewis, best in my lifetime? No, sir.

The Drive Producer #ReggieWhite

He's good, but remembering what Reggie White could do to opposing quarterbacks. I think that might trump Ray Lewis. I say Reggie White is still the best.

Marc James
Co-Host of The Drive #LawrenceTaylor

Ray Lewis is the BEST middle linebacker of all time. He is undoubtedly a top 5 defensive player of all time, but "L.T." Lawrence Taylor is by far and away the greatest defensive player in pro football history.

DJ 'The Suit' Stout
Operations Manager #LawrenceTaylor

He is top 5 but Lawrence Taylor is the best I have seen. Both are cut from the same cloth though.


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