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Is Tony Romo A Top 10 QB In The NFL?


DJ The Suit Stout
Operations Manager #TonyRomoTop10QB

Yes. I am not a fan but I think he is a top 10 QB but needs better talent around him.

Brett Jensen
Host of On The Beat #TonyRomoTop10QB

Is Tony Romo a top-10 quarterback? I don't think there should be much debate about his. Yes, he is. We all know he had the five interceptions on Monday night, but that game notwithstanding, Romo has been pretty darn good the last 20 games. His completion percentage is higher than that of Tom Brady, Joe Flacco, Eli Manning and Peyton Manning, just to name a few. His yards per attempt is equal to Peyton Manning's and is higher than Ben Roethlisberger and Drew Brees. He's averaging more yards per game passing than Aaron Rodgers, Cam Newton and RGIII. He had one horrific game, but that doesn't erase his ability as a quarterback. It also doesn't help that he has an awful offensive line, one of the worst in the NFL. So, yes, he is a top-10 quarterback. I'd rather have him as a signal caller than 70 percent of the others in the league, and by shear statistics, that makes him a top-10 quarterback.

The Drive Producer #TonyRomoTop10QB

Yes he is, but only by the numbers. He throws for a lot of yards and touchdowns but still can’t win in the big games and under pressure. He won’t be taking the Cowboys to the Superbowl I think it’s time to move on from the Romo experiment in Dallas and find a new quarterback.

Marc James
Co-Host, The Drive #TonyRomoTop10QB

Despite the fact he threw 5 Interceptions for the 2nd time & has ONLY 1 Playoff Win in his Entire Career, I still believe Tony Romo is a TOP 10 Quarterback, but NOT a Playoff-Caliber Winning QB.


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