Is Thomas Davis The NFL Comeback Player Of The Year?


Brett Jensen
Host Of On The Beat PeytonManning

Not even close. Peyton Manning is by far the comeback player of the year. He had four neck surgeries and it was questionable if he'd ever be normal again, let alone play football. ACL surgeries aren't as hard as they once were. Just look at Petterson of the Vikings, who blew his knee out on Christmas.

The Drive Producer ThomasDavis

He sure as hell should be. But like he said on The Drive "it's a popularity contest and I can't beat those guys".

No one has done what he's done but the competition is tough with Peyton coming off neck surgery and A.P. close to breaking the single season rushing record.

Marc James
Co-Host of The Drive Peterson-Manning

No. Thomas Davis isn't even close. Not only are Adrian Peterson & Peyton Manning "The Comeback Player of The Year", but they are also co-NFL MVPs.

DJ 'The Suit' Stout
Operations Manager AdrianPeterson

I think he is number 2. What he has done has been remarkable but Adrian Peterson has to be the comeback player of the year. He may break Eric Dickerson’s record a year removed from an awful knee injury.


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