Do you think Cam Newton is experiencing a “Sophomore Slump” this season?


Marc James
Co-Host of The Drive #SophomoreSlump

Cam is going through the trials and tribulations of a 2nd year quarterback. Opposing Defensive Coordinators have made Cam one-dimensional with the Zone-Option read. As tough as it will be, Panthers Offensive Coordinator Rob Chudzinski needs to diversify the offense with more snaps under center to counter-adjust opposing Defenses. Cam is experiencing a "Sophomore Slump", but I still believe he has the ability to overcome it in the long run and became a Franchise Quarterback.

Chris McClain
Host of The Mac Attack #SophomoreSlump

I hate to say it, but I feel like Cam is dealing with a sophomore slump. I say that because a slump is temporary. And, I do believe that this will end. I believe that Cam and Chud will figure out how to deal with the adjustments the defenses have made around the NFL. He is just too talented to fail. The offense will be tweaked. Cam will grow up some and become a better leader and learn to better deal with pressure. It would also help a ton if the Panthers can get the run game going. In the two games where the Panthers ran it well (NO and ATL), Cam has an average QB rating of 124. In the 3 games, Carolina couldn't run it (TB, NY and SEA), Cam's rating is 59. A good run game is a QB's best friend and for some reason, Cam has lost his best buddy.

Brett Jensen
Host of On The Beat #SophomoreSlump

Yes and no. Yes, he's playing very poorly his sophomore year, but I think it's more than just a sophomore slump. The defenses are definitely playing him differently this year and it remains to be seen if he will be able to overcome it. It's not a sophomore slump if he can't figure out how to beat the defenses this year or next year or the year after that.

DJ 'The Suit' Stout
Operations Manager #SophomoreSlump

I definitely think Cam is struggling right now but I believe it's just not him experiencing a slump. I think the play calling has been horrible and I believe Cam is not as eager to run the ball this year which I think kills the offense. I also think Deangelo Williams runs like a guy who got paid and no longer really cares. Cam has been bad for sure but the Panthers slump can be blamed on a lot of people in the organization.


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