Do You Think Benching Cam Newton Might Actually Be A Good Thing For Him And The Panthers At This Point?


Brett Jensen
Host Of On The Beat #DontBenchCamNewton

May some veteran quarterback actually play better than Cam? Yes. Is Derek Anderson that guy? Probably not. Cam has had major issues, but until that offensive line is fixed, it's difficult to tell just how much is Cam and how much is the offensive line.

Marc James
Co-Host of The Drive #DontBenchCamNewton

No, because it will cause too much dissension amongst the ranks in the locker room. The Panthers selected him #1 overall and they stick with him though thick and thin. Benching him now would create A LOT of turmoil in the locker room between players.

DJ 'The Suit' Stout
Operations Manager #BenchCamNewton

Yes. I think they should have benched him this week vs Denver in the 2nd half. I would let him start vs the Bucs but yank him if he plays as bad as he did this week.

The Drive Producer #BenchCamNewton

It couldn't hurt him. He needs to see the game from the sidelines. Derek Anderson can run the offense just as good as Cam is now.


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