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Did the Packers get hosed by the refs Monday night against the Seahawks?


Marc James
Co-Host of The Drive #Packers

Green Bay got Blatantly ROBBED of a game they legitimately won. The SCAB Referees have tainted the 2012 season and possibly the playoffs with this travesty.

The Drive Producer #Packers

Yes, of course the Packers got hosed. It was obvious that the Packers player came down with the ball. Golden Tate of the Seahawks only had a hand on it. It was definitely the wrong call. The replacement refs are doing their best but they are clearly out matched.

The Drive Producer #Packers

Totally hosed. As a Chicago Bears fan, I actually feel bad for my division rival for a change. Shame on the NFL and the Referee’s association for letting it get this far. Haggling over a pension plan that should remain in place and get these guys back on the field. Commissioner Roger Goodell, who loves to brag about “the integrity of the game” and “protecting the shield” right now is spitting on America’s new pastime

DJ 'The Suit' Stout
Operations Manager #Packers

Absolutely. The SCAB refs are ruining the best sport in the world and its time for a change.


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