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After what happened in the Giants-Bucs game Sunday, do you side with Tom Coughlin or Greg Schiano?


The Drive Producer #GregSchiano

I'm totally with Greg Schiano! As Herm Edwards says, “You play to win the game” don’t stop until the play clock says 0:00.

DJ The Suit Stout
Operations Manager #GregSchiano

I am a Giants fan but I didn’t see anything wrong with what Tampa Bay did. They were down by one score and anything can happen. If they had been 2 scores down then I would have had a problem with it.

The Drive Produer #TomCoughlin

I side with Tom Coughlin. In today's day and age of football, with Eli taking a knee with just a couple seconds left, that is one of the golden "unwritten rules". Eli or one of his talented lineman could have been seriously hurt. The question you have to ask is how would Greg feel if the roles were reversed? If his guy Josh Freeman was taking a knee and the Giants rushed at him when he was taking a knee, I'm sure he'd have been peeved!

Marc James
Co-Host, The Drive #TomCoughlin

Tom Coughlin ALL THE WAY. Schiano was hypocritical because the Bucs took a knee 7 days before against Carolina. The Panthers didn’t fire off at the Bucs QB Josh Freeman the way the Bucs did with Eli Manning. Very hypocritical of Schiano.


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