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Talking Bleep w/The QCB Show #22!! Funny…Nice

Here’s Talking Bleep with The QCB Show #22 just in case you missed it. Check us out! Don’t forget to tune in every Saturday from 11am-Noon on WBCN 1660am…Nice

CBS Sports Radio 1660–04/08/2014


Talking Bleep w/The QCB Episode 23!

Check out my show Talking Bleep w/The QCB featuring the hilarious Bartholomew Wilcox (expert in everything), Co-host Double R and O’Notes from WBTV…We got sports talk, Jokes it’s soooo entertaining check us out and Tune […]

CBS Sports Radio 1660–04/07/2014


Show #20 Talking Bleep With The QCB

Whoa!  We’re 20 shows in!  Talking Bleep With The QCB!  Winning Streaks in College Hoops…Why Wichita St. win streak wasn’t impressive, Ask A White w/Taylor Zarzour, Dale Jr., PGA…check us out…Nice

CBS Sports Radio 1660–03/05/2014

QCB Unleashed - Pot NFL Winter Olympics

Show #19 Talking Bleep w/The QCB…Nice

Wow, NBA All-Star Weekend and Talking Bleep w/the QCB was on live with Golden State Warriors All-Star guard…Stephen Curry, plus Sports talk show host from Saskatchewan Canada my Homie Ben Lewis, having fun breaking down […]

CBS Sports Radio 1660–02/17/2014


Talking Bleep w/The QCB Show #16!

Here you go for your enjoyment, Talking Bleep w/The QCB Show #16 is now ready to entertain you. We got sports talk, laughs, high energy plus my whole crew…Double R, O’Notes and the hilarious Bartholomew Wilcox and introducing Marty (replaced Jay Weezie since he quit on my show, ouch)…Talking Bleep w/The QCB every Saturday from 11a – Noon on WBCN on 1660am…Nice

CBS Sports Radio 1660–01/23/2014


Talking Bleep w/The QCB Show #14 Son!!

Yo, we 14 Shows in! The whole cast and crew…Double R Sports expert from Louisiana, O’Notes my show Yes Man and of course the hilarious Bartholomew Wilcox. Talking Bleep w/the QCB is insightful, funny and entertaining. Every Saturday on WBCN 1660am from 11a-Noon. QCB, I’m out son…Nice

CBS Sports Radio 1660–01/13/2014


Talking Bleep w/The QCB Show #13…Nice

13 shows in, Talking Bleep w/The QCB just in case you missed it! Special guest Gene Deckerhoff voice of the Florida St. Seminoles…Nice

CBS Sports Radio 1660–12/12/2013


Talking Bleep With The QCB Show #12

Check it out in case you missed it or just want to hear it again for the your enjoyment. Talking Bleep w/the QCB show #12 son! Catch us every Saturday on WBCN 1660am from 11a-Noon…Nice

CBS Sports Radio 1660–12/04/2013

QCB Headshot

Talking Bleep w/The QCB Show #10…With Special Co-Host Brendan Haywood

Check us out as Charlotte Bobcats Brendan Haywood sat in with the crew on Talking Bleep with The QCB.

CBS Sports Radio 1660–11/26/2013

QCB Headshot

Talking Bleep w/The QCB Show #11…Nice

We’re eleven shows in! QCB, Neil Silas, Bartholomew Wilcox and O’Notes…Entertaining, knowledgeable and Nice…Check us out!

CBS Sports Radio 1660–11/19/2013


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