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Who Moves On Faster After A Breakup, Men Or Women?

(CBS Radio) — Have you ever noticed that men seem to bounce back from a split faster than women? It’s true, when it comes to relationships and dating, men typically jump right back into the […]


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Does Height Really Matter? 5 Tips To Pique A Woman’s Interest

(CBS Radio) — How often do you hear a woman say, “I don’t like to date tall men?” Most women, given the choice, seek out and prefer to date men who are above average height […]


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Top 10 Signs You’re Dating Mr. Or Ms. Wrong

(CBS Charlotte) — So, you found yourself a dream guy/gal and your relationship is perfect! Wait … you just woke up and realized that vision was just a dream … sigh. Okay, so the reality […]


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See It, Rent It, Or Skip It: ‘Grudge Match’

(CBS Charlotte) — If you’re looking for an action-packed movie this Christmas, ‘Grudge Match’ is not the right pick for you. In truth, while the story line is predictable and at times the acting barely […]



See It, Rent It, Or Skip It: ‘The Wolf Of Wall Street’

Audiences are dropped into a boiler room of fleeting morality and overblown opulence. Scorsese directs a magnificent cast while simultaneously holding up a mirror to the capitalism and gluttony that eats away at the very fiber of American culture.