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Tips For Keeping Your Kids Active From A Charlotte Fitness Professional

Although summer may have passed, that does not mean children should be stuck indoors on the couch. Here are five tips to keep your children active during the winter months.


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Best Running Clubs In Charlotte

Whether you are a part-time runner or a hard core marathon machine, the Charlotte area has a running club for you.


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Best Kettlebell Workouts In Charlotte

Kettlebell lifting, invented in Russia in the 1700s and used for physical conditioning by the Soviet army, has spread throughout Europe and here, where it has taken the American fitness community by storm. In addition to specialized classes, sessions with kettlebells are often included in CrossFit and other high-intensity interval training regimens. Proponents cite the equipment’s unique abilities to build both strength and endurance, work multiple muscle groups simultaneously, and burn fat. That’s exactly what these trainers promise with a side of some of the best coaching Charlotte has to offer.


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Preview Of The Belk Bowl

The Belk Bowl began in 2002, when West Virginia played Virginia. Once the teams had been announced, tickets to the game sold out in less than a week, in what was the fastest sellout to an inaugural bowl game ever. At more than 73,000 fans, it was the second most attended inaugural bowl game ever, and the largest non-BCS bowl game crowd. This year’s game promises to be a clash of two great teams, one from the state of North Carolina and the other from Ohio. This year the Cincinnati Bearcats (9-3) will meet the Duke University Blue Devils (6-6) on the field at Bank of America stadium in Charlotte.


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Best Holiday Escapes Near Charlotte

Families are always looking for unique holiday vacation destinations to make those lasting memories, and you can’t do better locally than these Charlotte-area destinations.


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Best Holiday Travel Tips For Charlotte

Put the joy back in the season by following a few simple travel tips perfect for navigating the Charlotte area.


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A Trip On The Carolinian Train Around North Carolina

For those around North Carolina, train travel is made simple by Amtrak’s Carolinian and/or Piedmont train, which travel between Charlotte, N.C., and New York City every day.


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Best Places To See Autumn Leaves In Charlotte

Cooler temperatures and shorter days in Charlotte bring with them changing leaves and beautiful North Carolina scenery. Walk along local routes, or drive across the Virginia state line to the Blue Ridge Parkway to view the colorful change the right way: surrounded by nature.


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Getaway Guide: Weekend Trip to Atlanta, GA

Atlanta boasts all the charm and friendliness that comes with being a southern city, with all of the convenience and life of a large city.


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Getaway Guide: Weekend Trip to Pawley’s Island

When people in the Carolinas think about going to the beach, they usually think about Wilmington, Myrtle Beach or Charleston. South of Myrte Beach and north of Charleston, sits a little place perfect for a great weekend getaway, however. Pawley’s Island is one of the oldest summer resorts on the Atlantic Coast. When rice farmers first settled on nearby rivers and built plantations, they realized it was unhealthy to live there in the summer months: Malaria posed a huge threat. They knew it was healthier at the seashore, so they moved everything to Pawley’s Island in May and stayed there until the first frost in November. The laid-back attitude survives to today (along with 12 residences in the historic district dating to the 1700s and 1800s), making it the perfect spot to get away from it all and just relax.


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