Top 5: Most Annoying NFL Sports Gestures

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(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

When athletes make gestures both on and off the field, if can get old really quick…especially when they do it all the time, and ESPECIALLY when they are on the opposing team.

You can even view this list to the BEST NFL Sports Gestures if you are a fan of that athlete or the team he or she plays for.

Check out the Top 10 most annoying gestures from athletes below, and let us know which ones really piss you off when they are acted out.

*) Steve Smith’s Spin The Football Move: After making a great catch, WR Steve Smith will spin the ball in front of him and walk away making the ref have to pick up the ball.  AMAZING for Panthers fans to watch…annoys the heck out of the opposing team’s fans and gives the Panthers more time to plan out the next down!

*) Cam Newton’s Superman Pose: Originating from his younger brother wanting him to do the TD pose, Cam Newton would score a touchdown and then ‘rip off’ his jersey like Clark Kent did when transforming into Superman.  Kids everywhere mimic the move, and even had Kaepernick making the move after scoring a touchdown at Bank Of America stadium in Charlotte during the NFC playoffs in 2013.

*) Colin Kaepernick’s Kissing His Bicep: Everyone making #Kaepernicking trend on Twitter last year, but if he scored on your team, you wanted to take that arm and slap him across the face.  Be on the lookout for Cam Newton to kiss his bicep if he plays him in the NFC Playoffs this season.

*) Jimmy Graham’s End Zone Dunk: After making any touchdown, TE of the New Orleans Saints would go up to the goal post and dunk the ball.  And he still did it even after the NFL said they’d penalize the team with 15 yards and fine Graham for doing it.  Better work on a new move quick Jimmy!

*) Johnny Manziel’s Middle Finger: The “Flipping The Bird” Heard Around The World move on Monday Night Football preseason game had everyone talking the next day.  Manziel better get his gestures in line before he pisses every NFL team off besides the Washington Redskins.

Which ones really tick you off when done on the field? And which ones did we leave off? Let us know in the Comment Section below!

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