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Mom Claims Discovery Place Employee Told Her To Breastfeed In Bathroom

Shawn Thomas
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(Photo Credit: Thinkstock)

(Photo Credit: Thinkstock)

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (CBS Charlotte) – Discovering the benefits of breastfeeding seems to be one thing a local Charlotte Discovery Place does not want to do.

After attempting to breastfeed her infant at a Discovery Place, a mother was referred to a bathroom by an employee.

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The mother then took her complaint to social media, posting a picture on Facebook of the family-friendly organization’s bathroom.

The picture, which can be seen on, included a caption that reads: “Hey Discovery Place, this is where I was told I needed to go to feed my baby today. Take a page from your own book. Breastfeeding is natural and the majority of your support comes from families.”

The mother says that she was told she could not move to a bench that was facing a wall despite North Carolina’s laws granting women the right to breastfeed in any public or private space as long as they aren’t violating any indecent exposure laws.

Following the incident, Discovery Place issued a statement regarding public breastfeeding:

“Nursing mothers have always been welcome to breastfeed anywhere at Discovery Place. From time to time, mothers ask for spaces that provide more privacy. They are usually directed to a family restroom suite that has a chair separate from the toilet stall on Level 2 or another small room also available in the Museum. There also are various spaces around the Museum that offer seating and more privacy. Many mothers enjoy a peaceful atmosphere in our Aquarium. Providing a family-friendly environment for all guests is of our utmost concern. After investigating our guest’s experience yesterday we discovered that a team member had provided incorrect information, and we are truly sorry. We are taking steps to ensure all our team, from staff to volunteers to teen apprentices, are informed of all the options for nursing mothers and communicate that to guests.”

The organization also stated that it is currently ensuring that its employees, interns and volunteers understand the options available to nursing mothers.

Discovery Place is just the latest to come under fire for its treatment of nursing mothers.

The fervor around breastfeeding has been building as the health benefits of the practice have become more widely known.

Recently actress Olivia Wilde posted a photo of herself nursing her newborn on Instagram, causing a wave of praise while many mothers recently gathered to celebrate the 20th anniversary of a similar law in North Carolina that allows women to breast feed in public.

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