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Our own Dustin Shearon is about to embark on the climb of a lifetime after months of preparation. Follow his journey…

About Dustin:
Dustin Shearon, 42, Broadcast Executive. I am the proud father of two children, Chase & Hawk 7 and 5. I am very active and have enjoyed rock climbing for some time. I wanted to experience something a little more challenging. After doing some research I became interested in mountaineering. This sport combines climbing, hiking and survival skills. So, I set my sights on Mount Adams in Seattle, Washington, as a challenging summit attempt.

The Climb:
Mount Adams is the second highest peak in the Cascading Glaciers of North America. It stands at over 12,000 feet and is snow and iced capped year around. The trailhead is located in remote Yakama Tribe wilderness reservation. The climb demands strong fitness of climbers due to the significant gains in elevations. The first day we will ascend to 5,000 to high camp. We will spend the night at high camp and prepare for the summit climb which is a 5,000 foot ice ascent using an ice axe and crampons. During the pre-dawn hours we climb the snow and ice slopes from our high camp at (9,250 ft.) to the false summit, Piker’s Peak at 11,657 ft. Then we continue onward to the true summit. The views from the summit include Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens, and Mt. Hood.

I have been training for 6 months now. It is both cardio and endurance based climbing training. I utilized the proximity of Crowder Mountain to do sets of 3,000 vertical gain with nine miles of trails in 3.5 hour stretches. I continued my climbing training both indoor at Inner Peaks and outdoor/manmade at USNWC. Both of my kids participated quite a bit in these parts of my training which was a very fulfilling experience for us as a family as I moved toward my goals each week. I was also doing extensive weight training and road running 5 miles per day to make sure I was in peak performance.

The Cause:
As I was preparing for the climb, I was spending a great deal of time in the woods with just me and God. As I reflected, I recognized the amount of time it was taking to prepare for the climb and the out of pocket expense. I also took inventory that the trip, as a whole, would have me away from my family for several days. I began to fill a little self centered. So me and God did a little soul searching on those long hikes and I thought that I could take this challenge and turn it into an experience that would benefit others. I immediately thought of all the patients at Levine Children’s Hospital. Upon their permission, I began to network my relationships with the Charlotte business community to put a fund raising drive together. Along with the help from some of our top Account Executives at CBS Radio we were able to approach our connections with the opportunity to give back to Levine Children’s Hospital. And man, did they step up. I am so fortunate to work with a great group of talented executives and such a giving group of clients. They along with Levine Children’s Hospital really helped to make this experience all that it has become and to them I am very grateful.

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 Our Summit: Follow The Journey

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