If Your Weekend Was Like Michelle Wie’s & Patrick Reed’s-This Is For You

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Photo:  Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

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One of the beautiful things about the game of golf is that we, the collective we, ALL of us who play, ARE ALL IN THIS together!  The same things that happen to pros-happen to us as well.

Granted the stakes are higher, but we all make the same bad decisions, get the same bad breaks, and have the same days when things just don’t go our way.

Who hasn’t been in Shawn Stafani’s shoes?  Yesterday in a playoff at the Quicken Loans National, Shawn was faced with this dilemma:  do I just pitch down in front of the green, avoid the water, and keep par in play?  OR  do I go for the low running cut, bring the water in play, and go for the birdie?


And we’ve all done the same thing he did…choose the latter and come out on the short end of the stick.

And how about Michelle Wie and Patrick Reed?  Both were in the lead heading into Sunday.  Both were showing no signs of breaking down.  Michelle was coming off her fantastick U.S. Women’s Open win, and Reed had never lost a lead he had after 54 holes.

Notice I used the word “had.”  Reed completely imploded-almost from the start.  He wound up losing all his strokes under par (6) on the back nine, and becoming an afterthought in the tournament.

Wie…well, I think she just ran out of gas-winning any major takes its toll on you.  The woman who couldn’t miss a putt on Sunday in the Sand Hills a week ago, couldn’t buy one on this Sunday in Arkansas.

And that’s golf.

And chances are, if you played this weekend, something bad happened to you to.  It happens to all of us, remember that.


It could be worse…you could be in this!


Have a great week and I’ll join you “On The Green” this Saturday morning at 8 on WFNZ and Sunday morning at 9 on 1660/WBCN.

-Charlie Nance (on Twitter:  @WFNZGolfGuy)

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