Could Charlotte Get An MLS Team?

by Intern Jesse Nixon
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Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The excitement of a goal and the anticipation of the counter attack has made soccer one of my favorite sports to follow. I have watched the Barclay’s Premier League and love the culture behind every game but I couldn’t get into major league soccer here in the US. Why would that be? Charlotte needs a Major League Soccer team that’s why.


Charlotte already has a Division III team called the Charlotte Eagles but they might get bumped down a division which could clear the way for a MLS team. Major League Soccer officials have reported that they want 22 teams by 2020 and Charlotte may be on their list of potential cities to host. The only question is what would their name be? What about the colors? Don’t worry I’ve already thought ahead for some of you.

  • Name: The best idea I could come up with would refer to the city itself, “Charlotte F.C. The Queen’s Own”. Representing the city itself is an honor but being the city’s chosen to play? It’s enough to get those butterflies in your stomach.
  • Stadium: Memorial Stadium is the current prospect but how amazing would it be if Bank Of America Stadium were to open its gates and let the hooligans enter.
  • Color scheme: Keeping The Queen’s Own in mind the color scheme might revolve around royal colors so maybe a royal purple accompanied by a gold could be a pretty sweet combination.
  • Crowd: Portland has their “Portland Army”, Los Angeles has the “L.A.Riot Squad”, and Seattle has “Emerald City Supporters”. The crowd makes the game more than entertainment. It makes it a second life, so what should Charlotte’s supporters be called? My contribution would be the “Queen’s Guard” but that’s my opinion and names can change.
  • Badge: What should represent Charlotte? Going off of what has been stated previously I’ve made a rough design of what it could be. Granted, I’m not the best at graphic design but the idea comes clear through. Charlotte FC


Excited that Charlotte may get a soccer team? Got your own ideas for the team? Let us know about it in the Comment Section below!

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