Top Ten Worst Celebrity Baseball First Pitches [VIDEO]

by Intern Jesse Nixon
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Jim McIsaac/ Getty Images

Jim McIsaac/ Getty Images

We have all had our embarrassing moments in sports, not usually in front of a huge crowd though. Sometimes its nice to just sit back and enjoy the embarrassment of others, here are the Top Ten Worst First Pitches from your favorite celebrities!


10. Nolan Ryan – Even Hall of Fame pitchers have their off day

9. Charlie Brown – Good grief Charlie even with a baseball your terrible.

8. Michael Jordan – Really should have stayed out of baseball.

7. Justin Bieber - Give this kid a hockey stick instead of a glove and he may do better.

6. President Barack Obama – Not one of his shining moments, besides wearing the White Sox hat.

5. The Kardashians – No amount of plastic surgery could have helped this disaster.

4. John Wall –  Washington Wizards basketball star might want to try again.

3. Mark Mallory – Cincinnati mayor that proved he is worthy of being in the top three of worst pitches.

2. Carly Rae Jespen –  “Call Me Maybe” star probably won’t be called again to throw a baseball.

1. 50 Cent – The new title belt holder of  “Worst Pitch Ever”


Know of someone worse? Got a better count down? Let us know in the Comment Section below!

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