Best Summer Jobs 2014

by Intern Jesse Nixon
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Peter Macdiarmid/ Getty Images

Peter Macdiarmid/ Getty Images

Need something to do this summer besides sit around on the couch and spend money that isn’t yours? Don’t want to work in Fast Food? Here are five jobs to look for when searching for work this summer.


Golf Caddy

  • Got a swanky golf course nearby? Know something about golf? Golf Caddying might just be for you! The basic job description of a Golf Caddy is to carry around the customers’ golf bag and provide him with pointers about the course and distance to the green from the current location. What you can learn with this job is how to establish quick friendships and build your interpersonal skills with customers. On top of that the minimum wage pay, tips can range from $5 per customer to $50 depending on how helpful you are and how you improve the customers’ golfing experience.



  • More of a night life person? Don’t mind giving up weekends to make some major money? Being a server or bartender may be for you! Working as a server can be crazy but staying calm under pressure and establishing great relations with customers while keeping orders in line can lead to up to $100 in tips. If you are of age, being a bartender can challenge your expertise of drinks. Depending on their interpersonal skills and memory, bartender’s can rake in up to $200 just in tips.


Seasonal Work

  • Want a set date when the summer job will end? Like working a lot for great pay in a short time? Seasonal Work may be for you! Seasonal work may range from being a customer service representative, housekeeping, cooking, photographer, or tour guide. Though the hours may be crazy and the work may be crazier, the pay is worth it and the time frame for start to finish is even better.



  • Love being outside? Need to work on your tan? Being a Lifeguard may be for you! Though your local YMCA may pay minimum wage, if you are close to a private beach you have the potential to make big bucks just over a three month time span. As well as the satisfaction that you will be saving lives, the view is fantastic and the tan can make it worth while when classes start back up.



  • Want to learn the area? Love driving your car? Being a Delivery Driver may be for you! One of my most favorite summer jobs definitely had to be doing delivery. Though you are putting miles on your car, the people you meet and the places you see can make it worth your while. Plus, tips can range from $40 a night to $100+ on the weekends. This may be one of the most dangerous jobs ever but the risk is worth it with the knowledge you will gain from the community.


Got a summer job that wasn’t listed above that is your favorite? Already got a job for the summer that you are excited about? Let us know in the Comment Section below!

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