NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Talks NBA Playoffs & Return Of Hornets To Charlotte

By Nick Byerly
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(Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images)

(Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images)

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NBA Commissioner Adam Silver joined The Drive and talked about his expectations, the future of the league and the draft. We got to talk with him about expansion and what he foresees with the growth of the NBA.

Now that Adam Silver is only the 5th NBA commissioner the differences in style are going to be apparent, but the differences in what he does growing the league will be the biggest.

“For me it’s less about stabilizing the league, it’s how can we grow it….it’s all opportunity for me at this point.”

The long-term goal for the league is in one word GROWTH and that’s the job.

“The United States represents s 5% of the population…..beyond that it’s how we bring this product to people around the world.” With the world getting smarter and faster we have to think in those terms of getting the information to them.

The Commissioner spoke candidly about smart technology and the way the league uses those devices to get information out to the public.

“Tablets, and other smart phone devices…it’s how do we make things relevant to them.”

Mr. Silver got to comment on the big topic of the (one-and-done system) in college basketball and what he thinks of the progress as it relates to the NBA and college basketball. If you didn’t know Adam Silver attended Duke University and was able to see top quality college basketball; this and other factors are helping him develop his ideas for change.

“Like most fans I begin with the recognition that the one-and-done isn’t good for anyone, it’s not good for the college game and it’s not good for us.”

The new commissioner expanded on his thoughts and why he sees the one-and-done system as broken. “….the quality of our draft, our general managers haven’t got to see them play under top notch competition for  any decent amount of time…we will be a better league if these guys have two years of experience under them.” In saying this you can see that he is looking out for the NBA league but he also has a respect for the college game.

Like all sports there are teams that don’t have the season they were hoping for and they look towards the draft. The NBA Draft is a lottery system and many people feel that it is not the best system when you look at other leagues like the NFL and etc. You don’t want to give teams incentive for finish at the bottom of the league you want to have a balance were everyone tries to stay competitive.

“The issue is how you do the best job aligning incentives…I don’t want to run from what we do now, but having said that in the transition from David to me it really is an opportunity to take a fresh look at what we do.”

The NBA All-Star Game in Charlotte is something every sports fan in the area and Charlotte enthusiast would love to see happen. “We would love to bring the All-Star game back to Charlotte.”  We as fans know that there are things that will need to take place before this happens. Updates on the scoreboard and other areas are things that must happen first.  “I’m a big fan of the market and would love to see it come back.”

The Commissioner is a Hornets fan and just another person we can label a BUZZ HEAD.

“When I was down in Charlotte a few weeks ago I wouldn’t leave without a Hornets t-shirt and I wore my Hornets t-shirt to workout in yesterday.” So we have a Hornets guy in high places…

We got to talk about expansion and how the Super Sonics may be back on the list of things to change. The commissioner made it clear that he is open to expansion in the future but his main focus is the 32 teams that are functioning. “We have to ensure we have 32 competitive teams.. He also made it clear that the goal he has is making all 32 teams profitable and competitive.

Thank you to Adam Silver, New commissioner of the NBA for joining The Drive. Listen to the entire interview by clicking the audio at the top.

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