Mike Florio Discussed The NFL Schedule, The Panthers & Cam’s Leadership

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Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images

(Photo by Scott Halleran/Getty Images)

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Mike Florio joined the Mac Attack and talked about the NFL releasing the schedule and the what the Panthers may get for primetime games. Florio also discussed Cam Newton taking over the leadership role for the team and the national perception of Cam.

The NFL will debut the schedule tonight and here locally we look at what may happen with some of the games. Will the Panthers been seen as a more respectable team and be given more primetime games and the Ravens game is a hot topic.

With Steve Smith going to the Ravens; the Panthers/Ravens game is seen locally as a must see event. “I think that is something that could be a candidate for a Thursday night game.”

But with all the talk around the schedule and the NFL Draft we are still several weeks away from Radio City Music Hall. Florio talked about how this may have been a mistake by the NFL and the way the fans are getting too much dead air on the sport.

“I think the league needs to be candid about the reality the league has swung and missed on this one.”

The idea was that the NFL could cover the months and give the game full coverage in the offseason. But the fans have become a little restless and there is a little drag to the offseason this year. “You still want to captivate your audience…. the hog got a little fat this time and didn’t pass the test.”

Talking about new players coming into the league we have these veterans that are not staying around and getting that last money grab. The players that could stay 2-3 more years are foregoing the extra money and getting out.

“…more and more guys are willing to walk away while they can still walk.”

The money is available for a guy like Richard Sherman and this is a player that the Seahawks are looking t to show they will take care of their guys. “13-14million is the sweet spot….as a gesture to the rest of the team they need to take care of one of their guys….they have to do something to take of him.”

Locally we have a guy that is been given the leader of the team. Cam addressed the media and said he is going to be the leader for this team the other day; but what is the national perception of Cam?

He is and I think its all part of the maturity process….he doesn’t care he wants to be there and he wants to be the leader….the proof is going to be on the field.”

This is the response you want from the leader of you team. Cam has stepped into the role and taken the spot. “He’s going to lead in his own way….if the team is successful then he’s a good leader…that’s just the way it is.”


The national perception is always up for question and with Cam it is a feeling that he would be more scrutinized than Eli if put into a similar situation.  Eli was seen playing basketball at Duke while going through workouts with his brother and now he has ankle surgery. If this had happened to Cam the feeling around here is that the media national would be much different. Florio enlightens the show on the differences and examples:

“Its hard to say what the reaction would be…my response is would you prefer these guys sitting on the couch in the offseason, do you want these guys to be slugs or do you want them to keep themselves in shape? They are not robots…..I like to think people get it that it just happens.”

With the NFL Draft coming up they have invited guys and they have 30 guys coming the most in recent history. Will we see the made for TV drama where a guy falls out of the first round and its all displayed on air? “It is part of it…they want guys there on day two.”

Thanks to Mike Florio for joining the Mac Attack, to listen to the interview click on the audio at the top.









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