Gary Williams On The Hall Fame, Final Four, And National Title Memories

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(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

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Former Maryland coach, Gary Williams, joins Mac and Jim to discuss the Final Four and his Final Four memories.

On possibly going into the Basketball Hall of Fame: It means a great deal. What I’ve done with my life is coach. I started coaching when I was 23. I was a JV high school coach in New Jersey and coached every year up until 2011. So, it certainly would be significant to me and something I would really appreciate the honor and to be nominated is a great honor.

On winning it all in 2002: We were really talented. We had four guys that played in the NBA on that team, but we were unselfish. You preach it all the time as a coach and those guys for a couple of years really bought into that. Each one of those players could have scored more points, but we probably wouldn’t have won it all. We were a great practice team, we got better all year.

On the game against Duke in 2001 the Final Four: I was proud of that team, because we’d never been there before and Duke had been there whatever number of times. We cam out and played lie we had been there before, so I was really proud of the team. About midway through the first half we got up 22 and you could feel it start to change. We got in foul trouble. There were some weird things that happened down the stretch. There was one foul between Lonny Baxter and Shane Battier, where Battier was heading off the court with his fifth foul and instead the ref called the foul on Baxter, and it was his fifth foul. We were down about three with two minutes left at that point. It made us tougher, I’m not sure we would’ve won it the next year without going through that. (ed. note: the play in questions was actually between Baxter and Carlos Boozer).



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