National Sports Commentator Tim Brando Previews The Final Four.

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(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

(Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

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National Sports Commentator Tim Brando Previews The Final Four and what has made this tournament so good.

Asked if you like baseball Tim Brando gave a honest response: “No, not at all, I can’t stand what the sport did to itself, I was very much part of it in the mid 90’s.”

The Kentucky squad has grown up and the light has dawned for the young team.

“I think we all have to eat some crow on Kentucky. The light did go on when he sociologically determined he would back off and give them love instead of tough love.”

Its very impressive what they have done and they have a tough contest coming up in Wisconsin.


UCONN has become a tough team and certainly have proven they belong in the NCAA Tournament. Kevin Ollie has stepped in and taken the program right back to the top.

“This guy can flat out coach, I am very impressed with the job they did on Payne inside and forcing him to become a perimeter player. They are going to be a tough out for Florida. But it didn’t hurt that Keith Appling didn’t show up, Michigan State didn’t get anything out of him. It was about a team defensive job for UCONN.”

The matchup job they had with Michigan State is similar to what they need to do with Florida inside.


The tournament is about stories, the Wisconsin and Bo Ryan story is among one of the best in the tournament and college basketball.

“Bo Ryan is a terrific coach and unlike a lot of guys he is not a derivative of anyone other than his dad.” He came up through the ranks and coached at every level. The players there have a connection with him.

Wisconsin is known for its defense and that will prove itself in the next matchup.

“No coach will have a better Idea on how to defend Kentucky then he will.”


After the group that we have now in college basketball  moves on, Billy Donovan will have the chance to pass all of them with tournament wins.

“20 years from now we will look back….if he stays in it …we could be talking about a guy that has 7 or 8 titles.”


Thanks to Tim Brando for joining “Bustin Loose”, to listen to the entire interview just click on the audio file at the top.





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