Washington Post Columnist Fred Barbash Talks About The Northwestern Football Union.

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(Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images)

(Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images)

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Washington Post Columnist Fred Barbash gives his take on the Northwestern Football Union and what it could mean for the NCAA.

All this is new and it has a ways to go with these new rulings. “….its hard to tell where its going to end. But it sends a message to college football…this ruling  is a surprise.” Most people look at students differently and its going to make the system think about what is going on. Being backed by the United Steel Workers, this case was brought up with specific issues. But it is going to be hard to have a traditional union. “I think it would be difficult to sustain a traditional union when you have players that are there for four years and then go away.”

The big sports with money are college football and college basketball. But building a union is difficult. You have to hold elections and gain members. “They’re going to have a really hard time…getting those signatures. I think the NFL model is a long ways off… cost a lot of money to run a union, so where you going to get the dues.”

The funding is going to be the big question. “The union gets its strength from the ability to strike…..with a limited window to prove themselves are they going to want to do that.” This is just a process and it can take forever to get this through the courts. “It’s going to be a while…..if he wins the whole game here the whole series, you’re talking five years before it gets resolved and they take it to a vote.”


Finally is the NCAA a dead man walking: “…I doubt it…” I don’t know what the college presidents would do moving forward.

Thanks to Fred Barbash for joining “Bustin Loose”, you can listen to the entire interview by clicking on the audio file at the top.


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