Jay Bilas On The Heels Win And Why K Didn’t Switch To Zone

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ESPN’s Jay Bilas, who called last night’s UNC/Duke game joined Mac and Jim to recap the game, UNC’s 1-3-1 zone, life in the ACC, what impresses him most about the Tar Heels and UNC’s foul shots.

On Coach K’s reluctance to play zone: He’s got about 1,000 wins playing man, so the 300-400 losses are all because he didn’t play zone? I don’t think so. It’s more how you play the defense, rather than the defense. If you load up your help the right way, man-to-man looks like zone in a lot of ways. A lot of teams if they switch from man to zone, they don’t play the zone as well. Syracuse has a lot of success playing zone, because it’s all they play.I don’t think all of sudden Duke’s prospects would’ve been better to win, last night, if they’d played zone. Bob Knight once told me, ‘You play man, you decide who guards my best player. You play zone, I decide.’

On UNC’s defense: They played their man, their zone, they played everything last night better then they had earlier in the year. They played everything better than Duke did in the second half. They’ve been a good defensive team all year long and they’ve been a good defensive teams in years past, but their offense was so good it wasn’t the lead story. They don’t have that kind of team this year, so they’ve had to find other ways to win and they’ve ratcheted up their defense a fair amount. They’ve been one of the best 3-point defensive teams in the country and that showed up last night.

On UNC being a dangerous team: They’re good enough to beat anybody, they’ve proven that, but they’re vulnerable to getting beaten by more teams than past Carolina teams. They’re dangerous to anybody, but there are a lot of teams that are dangerous to them. Winning six games a row in the NCAA tournament is a tall order for anybody, but when you’ve got some vulnerability it makes it more likely you’re more likely to get clipped, and I’d put them in that category.

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