Charles Davis: No Evidence To Suggest Safety Is Reason For Rule Change

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Charles Davis, from the NFL on FOX, NFL Network and the lead analyst for the the BCS on FOX, joins Mac and Jim to discuss all the big issues in college football and the NFL. Charles discusses the rule changes in CFB, the Dolphins situation, the draft and combine warriors.

On proposed rule changes in college football designed to slow offenses down: There’s no evidence to suggest safety is really what this is about. We don’t have any imperial evidence or true data. Rogers Redding, the national director of officials, a man I respect as much as anyone in the game, he has admitted there is no data that tells us anything like that. When you have something that happens under the cover of night and you hear all these coaches coming out and saying they didn’t even know it was on the table, that tells you it was bad to begin with. That means somebody has a friend somewhere that got it ramrodded through. Fortunately, there’s still time and hopefully it will get voted down. If they don’t overturn it, it’s going to hurt the game in terms of people watching and enjoying it, because people like authenticity and this smacks of in authenticity.

On the report on the Miami Dolphins: Locker rooms have probably needed to change for a long time as our society has changed. The things we did 50 years ago, in a lot of cases, we don’t do now or are not acceptable in our society, now, so they shouldn’t be in a locker room. What I saw in that report just smacked of complete and total ignorance. Richie Icognito ran unchecked and that’s a bigger indictment on the Dolphins team and locker room as much as it is on Incognito for being a loose cannon.

On JaDeveon Clowney’s lackluster year impacting his draft stock: I think he’ll still be drafted in the same range that he would’ve been drafted in before, because his talent is just dominant. At a certain point, someone in a draft room is going to say, ‘Yeah, but if we pass on him, how much are we going to regret it? What if he fulfills his potential? If we pass on him and he turns out to be X,Y, or Z, we’re all out jobs, folks. That fear factor jumps in. I think Clowney and Manziel, that conversation will be had more about them than any other players in this draft.

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