I Still Don’t Get The Fascination With National Signing Day

by Mark Yarbro
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Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images Sports

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images Sports

Another National Signing Day has come and gone in college football and yet again it has left me asking the same question that I ask every year: Why do so many people care about it?

Once again we saw wall to wall, hat to hat coverage on the four letter network of an event that for reasons beyond me has become an unofficial national holiday in our country. Grown men wake up early on a Wednesday morning, much like a kid on Christmas, just to see which hat a 18 year old running back is going to put on and offer his services to.

Forget the fact that some of these same folks have never, I repeat NEVER have seen the kid play one down of football or known of his existence prior to him doing the hat dance with four other schools on national television.

Because a recruiting service placed four or five stars beside his name he must be the real deal, right?

I choose to analyze and talk about the player after I have seen him on the college playing field, not saying that is the correct way to do it, it’s just my way.

That is when I might go nut and strut around and maybe do the happy dance, not on a cold Wednesday morning in February when most are still talking about the Super Bowl or the groundhog.

I guess it’s like Harry Potter, I just don’t understand it.


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