Top 5 Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Dates

By Sarah Obeid
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Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. Are you looking to do something outstandingly special for your significant other this year?

The day of love gives couples the chance to spoil each other with heart-warming gifts, tasty goodies, and wonderful memories.  But at the end of the day, is giving your girlfriend a box of chocolates enough? Is taking your boyfriend out to his favorite restaurant anymore romantic on Valentine’s Day?

Try going on a different date this time or buying an unusual, yet satisfying gift. After all, Valentine’s Day only comes once a year. This does not mean you need to stress yourself out trying to impress your partner with something really fancy. It just means you should put a little more effort into the date than usual.

Make your Valentine’s Day an unforgettable one.  Let your partner feel as though you have been struck by Cupids arrow.  Here are some date ideas that will make your Valentine’s Day special.

A candlelit dinner is one of the cutest date ideas of all. Ladies, men love a nice homemade meal when they come home from a tiring, long day at work. Men, women also like to see that you made an effort to fix her favorite meal. Celebrate by adding slow, romantic music in the background.

Making dinner for one another truly expresses care and sincerity. It shows you spent a good amount of time planning what to make, purchasing the ingredients at the store, and the actual cooking of the food.

Not all of us have a wallet stuffed with dollar bills and shiny coins. Luxurious Valentine’s dates can often drain us dry of cash. Maybe this year, you want to surprise your lover with a romantic date that does not exceed your budget. Pick up a comedy you both can agree on and afterwards, take a trip to the drug store.  Purchase all sorts of candy and chocolates. This could range from Hershey Kisses to Twizzler’s to Brach’s circus peanuts.

Gather some warm, snugly blankets, share some laughs, and wrap yourselves in them to where the two of you feel secure and snug. Eat with caution. A sugar high might lead to crazy hyperactivity. This date is meant to have a calming effect where the two of you eventually fall asleep side by side after snacking on a year’s supply of sugary goodness.

Nothing says more romantic than traveling back in time. Take your boyfriend or girlfriend back to your first date spot. Do everything exactly the same. If possible, try to remember what you two discussed at the time and act as if you are trying to get to know one another all over again. Recreate the feelings as best you can. Now, if only we had a time machine…

Perhaps you have additional plans this evening with your significant other. You want to celebrate with that person in the afternoon. Take a picnic by the lake, pond, or some kind of body of water in your town on a sunny afternoon.

Throw a few drinks, deli meats, and condiments in a basket. You two lovebirds should sit really close and indulge in delicious sandwiches while discussing life. That simple. Gaze out into the sunlight and appreciate nature together.

A movie or a simple dinner date alone will not make the cut this Valentine’s Day. Spend a full day with your partner before and after the dinner and movie. Go to a festival or carnival your town annually celebrates. Walk around, hold hands, and remain close with your partner. Gentlemen, win her a stuffed animal and pick her a flower. Ladies, give your man a brief, sweet kiss periodically throughout the day.

Afterwards, you and your sweetheart should dine at a local pizza joint. Order some kind of pasta and split it. Lady and the Tramp anyone?

Plan to make time in the night to bake some kind of homemade dessert together, even something easy, like chocolate chip cookies or fudgy brownies.

Engage in a food fight. Toss a little bit of powder on his face and hair and rub some chocolate on her nose and cheeks. At first, you might seem annoyed by the mess, but as the competition intensifies, you will soon forget about the dirty floors and counter tops.

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