Dave Coulier Talks Super Bowl Commercial, Full House Reunion, & Best Impressions

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Charlotte The Mac Attack- Edited The Mac Attack 6AM-10AM
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Comedian Davie Coulier stopped by “The Mac Attack” today to talk about reuniting with John Stamos and Bob Sagat for their upcoming Super Bowl Commercial this weekend.

After a ‘whirlwind’ of being with Sagat and Stamos on their media blitz for Dannon Yogurt Super Bowl Commercial, Coulier is excited to be in Charlotte to perform at The Comedy Zone.  Once they found out that the the trio commercial tested well with audiences, they decided to release it for this year’s Super Bowl.

One stop on their media campaign was all three guys along with Jimmy Fallon reenacting a bedroom scene from “Full House” during ‘Late Night.’

“It was hard to take ourselves seriously wearing those mullets and bad outfits,” says Coulier.

Watch the “Full House” guys reunite on ‘The Jimmy Fallon Show’ here, and be sure to watch Dave Coulier’s full interview with the guys as he does Popeye, Jay Leno, Al Brooks, and other impressions.

Dave Coulier will be performing at The Comedy Zone in the NC Music Factory on Friday, January 31st (8 & 10:15 PM) and Saturday, February 1st (7 & 9:30 PM).

Get Tickets Here:

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