Top 10 Worst Super Bowl Commercials Of All Time

by Intern Rachel
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(Photo courtesy Pepsi/Getty Images)

(Photo courtesy Pepsi/Getty Images)

So much time and money goes into Super Bowl commercials each year, but some companies still get it wrong.  They are probably better off not even advertising during the Super Bowl, save their millions of dollars, and use that advertising budget for radio!

Which company do you thinks puts out the worst, not funny commercials each year during the Super Bowl?

Here is our list of the Top 10 Worst Super Bowl Commercials Of All-Time.  Which ones do you think are the worst?

10. ) Bud Light Pool Chicken: Pool shark? Got it. Pool chicken? Not so much.

9.) SoBe Lizards: Too much, just too much. No thanks, SoBe.

8.) Sales Genie Pandas: Poor animation, poor dialogue and poor judgement . Quite a home run there, Sales Genie.

7.) Groupon- Tibet: Groupon might mean good deals, but not necessarily good taste.

6.) Holiday Inn: Offensive and ineffective- never seen again after airing during the 1997 game.

5.) Lifeminders: Surprisingly did not last long after this 2000 spot.

4.) GM Suicidal Robot: Don’t you just want to own a GM product now?

3.) Career Builder Runaway Heart: Everyone’s fantasy quitting scenario, right?

2.) Bud Light Upside Down Clown: You’ll never look at clowns the same way again- or Bud Light.

1.) Norwegian Cruise Line: Slow, black and white and frankly just uncomfortable.

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