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Tips To Throwing An Epic Super Bowl Party

By: Justin Curry
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The Super Bowl is only two weeks away and fellas; I know some of you plan on throwing an epic party. We all look forward to watching the Super Bowl; it is probably the most anticipated game of the year. During the game we surround ourselves with good food, drinks and people. But not every Super Bowl party is a success. There are some key essentials you need to throw an awesome Super Bowl party. Here is a quick list of five things you must have if you want to have a successful Super Bowl party.

1. Big Flat Screen TV: having a big TV is a must if you plan on throwing a Super bowl party. Since everyone is mainly in one room, you need a big screen television that can be seen from anywhere in the room. Nobody wants to be straining their eyes while watching the game. Also, the bigger the TV the more intense the game becomes. Loud sounds and big graphics capture our attention drawing us into the action.

2. Beer: Let’s be honest, no Super Bowl party is complete without beer. Drinking brews together and watching the game is the ultimate form of bonding. Beer also brings about the drunken trash talk which is guaranteed to get laughs at the party.

3. Food: You cannot throw a party with food. The game is nearly four hours long. You are bound to get hungry for something during this long period. Get food choices are chicken wings, pizza, nachos and dip, hamburgers and hot dogs. This could be a bit pricy, so ask the people who plan on coming to donate five dollars so you can get as much food as possible.

4. Fans- Whether you are a loyal fan to the team in the game or not you must pick a team. It is good to be rooting against someone else in the house because you know who to talk trash to. Even if your favorite team is not in the game don’t be a party pooper. Pick a side and cheer for them like they were your own!

5. Girls: Last but certainly not least you need some females. We all know as boys we want to have men time when we watch the game. But ladies are always welcomed during the Super Bowl party to add their comments and distract the guys. After all, it wouldn’t be a party without a bunch of drunk men and hot chicks.

Men, it’s time to start getting prepared for the biggest sports game of the season. Grab a case of beer some chicken wings and invite the boys over. The Ravens and 49ers square off for the Lombardi trophy on February 3rd. The game will be one for the books but will people remember your party? Follow these tips and your party is sure to be an epic one.

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