Chris Simms: That Was Winston’s Best Performance As A Leader

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(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

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Chris Simms from Fox Sports 1 discussed the classic BCS Championship Game last night between FSU and Auburn

On Jameis Winston’s performance: The things that always impresses me is that, especially  as a redshirt freshman, his bad is never that bad. He wasn’t in rhythm early throwing the ball, but what do you expect, its one of the dumbest things in American sports that a championship game has to wait 35 days. I do think it was one of his best performances as far as battling, being a competitor and being the leader you want your quarterback to be.
On Florida State’s defense: Halfway through the third quarter and in the fourth quarter, they really tightened up the line of scrimmage. They weren’t getting  blown back, they were making some tackles in the backfield and that’s huge against Auburn. You want to get them off schedule, to get them in 2nd and 3rd and long, because we know that’s not the strength of their offense.
On the importance of Florida State’s kick return TD: It changed the way the clock was going to be managed. If they get the ball on the 20-yard line and they go on a drive for two or three minutes, then that gives Auburn the ball with two minutes and change on the clock and maybe they’re the team that scores last and wins the game. With the kick return, it gave the ball back to Auburn with four or five minutes and change, they go down and score, but that left FSU some time to get the last laugh and make the last drive.
On the ACC: When one team in your conference can win it, that will give the rest of your conference confidence. I think the conference is going in the right direction. What Coach Cutcliffe has done at Duke has been unbelievable. They’re going to be around for a little while. Virginia Tech is going to be around, as usual. They have some young guys on offense and defense that are impressive. Miami is back on the rise. North Carolina is no slouch. ACC football has a chance to build on this and maybe shake their basketball only conference label.

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