Treehugger: Best Arboretums In Charlotte

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Photo Credit Thinkstock

Photo Credit Thinkstock

Not to be confused with the Arboretum shopping center, these arboretums are the best places to find trees in the Charlotte area. Trees serve as a significant part of the carbon cycle by absorbing and storing carbon dioxide that would otherwise increase global atmospheric levels.

Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories

With 350 acres and about 2,000 trees and plant species, the Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories are an invaluable resource for the Charlotte community. The arboretum features the largest display of magnolia trees in the country. It also supports and grows oak, conifer, holy, elm, maple, crabapple and rhododendron. While the arboretum is not officially open to the public, private tours may be arranged for interested visitors. The arboretum serves as a research center for many arborists, naturalists and biologists and a training site for many of the other Bartlett Tree centers across the United States, Canada, Great Britain and Ireland.

Davidson College Arboretum

On the 450-acre campus of the quaint liberal arts college an hour north of Charlotte, the Davidson College Arboretum welcomes students and public visitors year round. In 1982, the arboretum became an official feature of the school, but since Davidson’s founding, stakeholders have implemented plans for the arboretum. Around 3,000 trees and shrubs have been identified on the campus. Students as well as staff maintain the arboretum.

UNC Charlotte Botanical Gardens

The UNC Charlotte Botanical Gardens is home to many native plants, including azaleas and rhododendron, and houses numerous nonnative plants through its comprehensive greenhouses that grow tropical and desert plants. The garden offers visitors the chance to explore Charlotte and Piedmont region vegetation and learn about the different types of ecosystems that thrive in this region. Interested gardeners and naturalists can obtain a Certification of Native Plants taught and led by the UNC Charlotte Botanical Garden staff as well as UNC Charlotte professors. Visitors can become more involved through volunteering and/or becoming a member of the garden.You May Also Be Interested In These Stories

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