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Meet The QC: James Fedele Talks About The Lucky Fork

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(Photo credit: Lucky Fork)

(Photo credit: Lucky Fork)

(CBS Charlotte) — Have you seen a red fork at many area restaurants lately? Like many of you, I’ve seen this nifty red fork on display around town, and shortly thereafter, I decided to put my reporting skills to good use and find out more about what the red fork symbolizes.

I may be bold when it comes to printing my opinion about various topics, but there is one subject that I tend to shy away from — food. To me, writing about food is a foreign subject … I’m far from the world’s best cook, and I just don’t have enough confidence to state my opinion about culinary dishes. But I know someone who happens to know his food…

I first met James Fedele a couple of years ago and yes, he peaked my interest. I believe he described himself as an “incurable mega foodie,” I mean, who wouldn’t want to know more?

So, like a good reporter I did my research … and here’s what I found:

In addition to being a DJ and the co-owner of Soul Gastrolounge, Fedele had decided to take his love of food one step further. He launched an innovative food blog called ‘A Food Of My Favorite Things,” which served as a pictorial portal into the Charlotte food scene. The blog celebrated the city’s hottest eateries and the lives of Fedele’s culinary com-padres.” While Fedele’s innovative food blog further strengthen his niche, he decided to build on his original idea.

Fast forward to today, and Fedele is half the reason the red, lucky fork has come into existence. Fedele, who specializes in visual branding, partnered up Joel Tracey, to bring Lucky Fork to Charlotte and beyond.

How does a restaurant obtain a red fork, you ask? Since inquiring minds want to know, we’ll elaborate on the process…

Lucky Fork is a directory of locally owned independent culinary destinations handpicked by chefs, restauranteurs, food writers, and culinary aficionados.

The red ‘Fork Marks the Spot’ is an indicator of which businesses made the cut. The idea behind Lucky Fork is brilliant — award red forks to local restaurants who deserve to be recognized for their fine tasting cuisine.

While sites such as yelp can be helpful, a potential customer is basically trusting an average Joe’s opinion. While this can assist you in choosing a good restaurant, it can also be an unfair description of the restaurant.

Fedele gives us the perfect scenario: Imagine that a guy takes a cute girl out to dinner, and after the meal his credit card is declined. Due to the embarrassment of said situation, the guy is likely to go home (alone,) start drinking, and get on to a site like yelp and take the situation out on the restaurant.

In contrast, when local restaurants are critiqued by chefs, food writers, and so on, the public can rest assure that these restaurants are given a fair review.

So remember, when walking through town, restaurants who have the red fork on display are Fedele (Lucky Fork) approved!

-Nichole Jaworski, CBS Charlotte

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