Gary Danielson: I Have To Side With Ohio State In BCS Debate

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(Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

(Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

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Gary Danielson, who called the Iron Bowl for CBS, joins the show to discuss the “Kick Six” ending and looking ahead to bowl season.

On the ending: It’s a great celebration for college football. I wanted the pictures and fans to be the story. I didn’t want to jump in and draw circles around guys who weren’t in the right lane. It was good just to shut up and let it happen. To me, it felt like when USA beat Russia for the gold medal game (1980 Olympic hockey game), for this reason: Alabama is the machine. They do it right, they’re methodical, they have all the answers and here’s Auburn, the little brother, who has had their nose rubbed in it for two years. It was 93-14, the last two years, and their points were scored by their defense and special teams. They couldn’t score a touchdown and Alabama was winning back-to-back championships.

On criticism in sports: We all embrace that criticism is part of the deal. You get all the accolades, but a fun part of sports is it’s one of the rare things in our society you’re allowed to argue about now. Part of it is, you get to second guess the coach, we’ve been doing that since we were little kids.

 On Alabama’s decision to kick: I thought it was a bit of a reach. I thought the hail mary was coming. When you kick from this fair away, you put the return back into the game. You have a way to lose, and it ended up happening. Even Nick Saban looked like he second guessed himself. I’m sure there was an argument on the sideline and he went with the special teams kick and I’m sure he second guessed himself.

On the National Championship: I started the season asking how could you have a championship if the best conference isn’t represented. It’s only logical that the conference that produces the most NFL guys, has three out of the top 5 teams , seven out of the first fifteen. How could you have a championship where the conference that has won seven straight isn’t involved? I thought everyone else was playing for the other spot. What’s working against the SEC, this year, is Missouri and what they’ve done. For seven years, SEC fans have said nobody could bring that finesse offense and survive, and they did and now they’re in the SEC Championship game. I have to side with Ohio State. I did that 2001 season when everyone said they didn’t belong. If they win out, I think they deserve the chance.

Gary also talks about sewing with Jim, his role in the CBS broadcasts, praises Tracy Wolfson, Gus Malzahn’s forgotten mistake, and what makes college football different.

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