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(Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)

(Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)

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Ok, so I couldn’t think of one big issue to write about.  But, I have sports thoughts dancing in my head this holiday season.  Here is the list……

* If Charlotte and UNC can play hoops for the rest of the year like they did this weekend, it will be a fun season in the QC. We know Duke will be good. If The Niners and Heels join them, it should make the phone lines lively in February and March.

* Kudos to Thomas Davis for not missing a play Sunday after dislocating a finger and having the bone go through the skin.  If that happened to Celania, he would miss a week of radio and when he got back we would have the hear the details for another week.

* Cam went 0-7 on Sunday on passes thrown more than 20 yards in the air.  This team is one of the worst in the NFL at big plays this season. But, it doesn’t bother me. I would try less big shots downfield. They are the best Time of Possession and 3rd down offense in the league. Stick with what you do well, which is ball control. Plus, our Offensive Line doesn’t do well with pass blocking for long periods of time.

*Biz has sat out 2 of the last 3 Bobcats games and MKG is seeing his minutes shrink.  It might not bode well for the future of those two high picks in the QC. But, I applaud Coach Clifford for putting the best guys on the court and trying to win now.  If you are going for it now, lets go for it.

*RG3 needs to play through this in DC.  You don’t bench him (even if Cousins is a good backup). He is the franchise QB. He is the guy you gave up tons of picks for.  Let him play through his Sophomore struggles the way Cam did.  And, he is not alone. Kaep and Luck have had some growing pains too.

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