Brian Jones: Muschamp Will Turn Things Around

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(Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

(Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

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Brian Jones, from CBS Sports and Mojo on CBS Sports Radio (joined in progress, most nights on WFNZ, at 7:00 PM), hops on the line to talk with Mac and Jim.

On Duke’s David Cutcliffe as potential National Coach of the Year: Definitely. Internally, Duke expected to be right where they are, despite no one in the media beliving in them.

On Florida sticking with Will Muschamp: They’ve had tons of injuries. They’ve lost seven starters for the year. Offensively, they’ve struggled all season long, but Will’s brand was built on defense and to see that defense wilt the way they did last week was surprising and disheartening, because they have been the savior all year long. They just fell apart against Georgia Southern, it’s embarassing but give Georgia Southern credit. Muschamp will turn this thing around. The defense has been there all year long, the offense has been anemic. They’ve got to get that fixed. What changes he’ll make, I don’t know, but he’ll turn it around.

On the Falcons: Everyone was picking them to get back to where they were last year, I didn’t because I didn’t think they really upgraded their defense. They needed another pass rusher, the needed some help in the secondary, and they didn’t address any of their defensive issues in the off-season. The offensive line has been porous, no runnig game, Stephen Jackson, Roddy White and Julio Jones have all been hurt. If you’re in the same leauge with Drew Brees, you’re going to need to be able to cover and to get to the quarterback.

On JaDeveon Clowney’s stock: He’s had so much attention focused on him and his numbers have dipped, but he’s garnering more attention and that’s a testament to how well he played a year ago. When you go into that scouting report meeting, he’s  one of the guys you don’t want to let beat you. If someone else on that team would’ve emerged as a pass rusher, it would’ve made his life a lot easier. He’s still going to be a first round pick, he’s got a ton of talent. He’s so athletic. The numbers have gone south, but he’s still a tremendous talent.

On Clemson: They’re quietly going about their business after that debacle against Florida State and that’s why no one’s talking about them, because of the manner they were man-handled by FSU. Still, they’re sitting there with just one loss and sitting in a great position to get to a BCS bowl. Tip your hat to those guys for not falling apart after a humiliating loss.

On South Carolina-Clemson: It should be a fun game. I would give South Carolina the edge. I think they can put some pressure on Clemson. Sammy Watkins will be a handful for anybody, but I’m going to hitch my wagon to the Gamecocks.

Brian also takes time to break down the weekend’s biggest matchup, The Iron Bowl, and the guys have a good laugh at the expense of the Florida players blocking each other, which Brian says he’s never seen before.


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