Mike Glennon: Is He The NFL’s Best Rookie QB? Is He Already Better than RGIII?

By Intern Davis
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(Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

(Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers rookie QB Mike Glennon has led ted the lowly Bucs to three straight wins, a close 22-19 win over Miami in Tampa, a 41-28 win over the Atlanta Falcons, also at home, and a 24-21 road win vs. Detroit.  Glennon was named the starter by head coach Greg Schiano before the Bucs’ game against Arizona and made his first career NFL start vs. the Cardinals on September 29th. Since then the Bucs are 3-5, with no really stinkers besides a loss at home to 8-3 Carolina, but it’s what Glennon has done lately that has impressed many. In Tampa Bay’s 41-28 win over Atlanta, Glennon threw just three incompletions while going 20 of 23 (87%) for 231 yards with two touchdowns and zero interceptions. Glennon has only thrown 4 interceptions since he became the starter, but more striking is that he has only thrown 1 pick in the last 6 games (183 pass attempts). Glennon and the Bucs got up 21-0 on the Seattle Seahawks in terrifying Seattle. Tampa Bay ultimately fail to the Seahawks in overtime 27-24 but against arguably the best defense in the league Glennon was an impressive 17 of 23 (73.9%) for 183 yards and two touchdowns with no picks. Glennon posted a 123.1 QB rating in that game in Seattle. He posted a 137.5 QB rating against Atlanta and then backed it up with another 100+ QB rating the very next week at Detroit. By comparison, Super Bowl MVP QB Joe Flacco has one game this season where he posted a QB rating over 100 and Glennon has three. NFL Films’ Greg Cosell, who is a flat-out film guru, went on WFHS-FM in Tampa and talked about Glennon and his season thus far. Cosell said Glennon’s “veteran-like ability to anticipate throws” is what is making his play so special while also adding a very interesting example of this attribute:

“When your quarterback makes difficult anticipation throws, everything about your offense tends to look better. For instance, I’ll give you an example of a throw that was made this week by Glennon. When he hit Underwood for 20 yards in the second quarter down inside the 10, that was a classic anticipation throw…He threw Underwood open. If I showed you the film and froze it just as Glennon was making his delivery, you’d say, ‘Who’s he throwing it to?’ That’s a litmus test throw that helps measure future success…That throw would not have been made by Josh Freeman. It wouldn’t have entered his mind.”

Cosell also boldly added that, in his mind, Glennon was already vastly ahead of one of the NFL’s budding young stars, Robert Griffin III. “Mike Glennon is so far more advanced than RGIII playing NFL quarterback that it’s not even close,” Cosell said. “They shouldn’t even be in the same discussion.” I’m not so sure that he’s saying that Glennon is better than a 100% healthy RGIII, or that Glennon will have a better NFL career than RGIII, but simply saying he is more of a polished NFL thrower at the moment than Griffin. The NC State alum will be an interesting player to track on a week-to-week basis as the final weeks of the NFL regular season approach and we will get a live look at him on Sunday in Carolina.

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