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Carolina Panther Fans Are More Gullible Than Gomer Pyle

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(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

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Tell a Carolina Panther fan that the sky is green and they’ll believe you.  Tell a Carolina Panther fan that two quarters equal a dollar and they’ll believe you.  It could be raining sideways, pouring , cats and dogs…hell it could be a Typhoon outside and you tell a Carolina Panther fan that it’s Sunny with zero chance of rain and they’ll open the door, look out and say, ” You right, it’s not raining”.  That’s because Carolina Panther fans are some gullible bastards.

These S.O.B.’s actually think the team they cheer for has a shot of going to the Super Bowl…Ha! I laugh at thee!  Panther fans are so gullible, they make Kelly Bundy look like she came up with the  concept E=MC2.  I wish it was at least one Panther fan that would say this, “You know QCB…Yes, it was pass interference”.  Saying that won’t take away your “W”, you’ll still be 7-3…but saying that would also take BALLS.  I’m talking huge, big, enormous, gigantic, colossal, so big you can barely walk, I mean elephant size BALLS.

But that’s too easy, Panther fans make my stomach turn when there happy.  I’m like the Grinch looking down on Whoville listening to those happy bastards hold hands and sing in harmony.  Panther fans are so Gullible they make Ed Norton from the Honeymooners look like Thomas Edison.  I could give uh damn, I could give an ounce of a damn.  My Cowboys have slipped to second place so I got that to worry about.  You know the Cowboys don’t cha, BIG DIAMONDS, 1.2 billion dollar stadium, you might of heard of’em…plus we got 5 of’em.

I wouldn’t root for the Panthers if the ghost of Christmas Past, Present and Future visited me one night and told me too.  Panther fans are so gullible they make former WWE wrestler Eugene look like Christopher Columbus.  Sad man sad.  QCB I’m out son…Nice

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