Where To Buy Solar For Your Charlotte Home

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In the state of North Carolina, the government offers homeowners with solar paneling 35 percent tax credit. This provides an economical incentive to use solar power. Understanding these rules and regulations as they apply individually is important when consulting solar services.

Before installing solar panels, potential customers should weigh the advantages and disadvantages of choosing between off-the-grid and grid-tied systems. Both systems convert sunlight to electricity using photovoltaic cells. However, off-the-grid systems are more common in rural areas with limited-access utility power company lines. Grid-tied systems allow users to connect to their local utility system, and potentially sell back excess energy to these companies. In Charlotte and Mecklenburg County, homeowners must contact Duke Energy to connect to its electricity systems.

In the consultation process, customers should ask companies to share the payback periods for different types of paneling that they offer. As technology has advanced, solar paneling has become more efficient at capturing sunlight, and payback periods have decreased, increasing the value of investing in solar power.

Private companies must be consulted to determine the optimal solar services for the individual homeowner.

Southern Energy Management
101 Kitty Hawk Drive
Morrisville, NC 27560
(919) 836-0330

Southern Energy Management helps residences and homeowners install solar paneling. Based out of the Raleigh-Durham area, they offers the Charlotte area premier solar services.

Accelerate Solar
4209 Stuart Andrew Blvd.
Charlotte, NC 28217

Accelerate Solar provides homeowners with the correct permits, interconnections to the grid system and installment services for solar panels.

Solar Energy USA
1416 Center Park Drive
Charlotte, NC 28217
(704 )251-5010

Solar Energy USA works with customers to develop a solar power implementation plan for the homes or resident complexes. It offers roof or ground paneling options.

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