Halloween Is Over…Is It Time For College Hoops Already?

by Mark Yarbro
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Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

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Halloween just ended.

There are still plenty of leaves on some of the trees.

Some folks are still running their air conditioners, and the NFL season just reached the midday point.

So you know what that means right?  Yep, it is time forcollege basketball season to begin.

I still love college hoops, maybe not as much as I once did, but nonetheless I still do.  My problem is that I don’t really enjoy it until the first of the year, once football is in the home stretch, when furnances are running full throtle, and all of the leaves are long gone.

There was a time when practice did not even begin until October 15th and your first games did not tip off until around Thanksgiving.

Now teams practice, maybe not officially, almost year round and games now start before most of us have eaten the last of our Halloween candy.

Hoop junkies will tell you the more the better and I get that.  I just wonder if by the season starting a little later we might not have college basketball burn out by the time that March rolls around.

By the way, has anyone checked to see if Joe Lunardi has his first Bracketology out yet?


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