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Former Bachelor Contestant Opens Up After World Series Incident Involving Molina Cancer Sign

By: Nichole Jaworski
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(Photo credit: Billy Christy)

(Photo credit: Billy Christy)

(CBS Charlotte) — Envision for just a moment the excitement surrounding Game 4 of the World Series — especially for people attending the game. And then picture the whole experience practically being ruined due to a misunderstanding. For two Charlotte residents, this outcome became reality.

During the seventh inning in Game 4, between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Boston Red Sox, there was a moment of silence in honor of cancer survivors. Fans were given a Stand Up 2 Cancer sign upon entering the stadium where they could write down people they knew who had been affected by cancer — and they were encouraged to hold up the sign during the designated time.

But when Sarah Newlon (a former contestant on The Bachelor) was offered a sign, a young woman passing them out asked her who her favorite player was, and when Newlon replied “Yadier Molina,” the woman wrote his name on the sign.

Problem is, as many of you know, Molina is not a cancer survivor, but rather he’s the catcher for the Cardinals. Needless to say, when pictures began surfacing of Newlon waiving her Stand Up 2 Cancer sign around while smiling next to her boyfriend, Billy Christy, people looked on in disbelief — and the media had a field day with the image.

Since the image began circulating, Newlon has received hateful messages via social media — all because of a misunderstanding. Both Newlon and Christy are fans of the game, Newlon is a Cardinals fan, and Christy is a Red Sox fan, respectfully. It seems appropriate that, given their love of the game, they would be excited and smiling while at the World Series. Moreover, Newlon would never intentionally disrespect the Cardinals or Molina.

As for Standing Up to Cancer, “Sarah’s mother is a two time breast cancer survivor. Obviously, if we knew what the sign represented and if it was explained to us correctly, Sarah would have asked that her mom’s name be written on the sign,” explains Christy. He adds, “I raise money yearly for testicular and prostate awareness and have donated to breast cancer charities on numerous occasions. Cancer is not something to make fun of and for the media to twist it to make anyone look like they are laughing about the disease is truly unfortunate.”

Newlon adds, “I would never make fun of cancer.”

-Nichole Jaworski, CBS Charlotte

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