Would You Be Excited About Watching 2 Thursday Night NFL Games?

by Mark Yarbro
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Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Jim Rogash/Getty Images

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The NFL is without a doubt the daddy, the top dog, numbero uno when it comes to viewership and fandom.

The league has reached heights that its founders could have only dreamt about as we approach the midway point of the 2013 season.

Reports have surfaced within the last few days that the league is perhaps considering adding an additional game to the current Thursday night bill meaning that fans would have 2 games to look forward to.

Problem is, I am not sure that fans really enjoy the 1 game that is now being played on Thursdays.  I know that the ratings have been fairly good for the Thursday tilts but the quality of play has been anything but stellar.

Too many times, the games have been sloppy, penalty filled affairs while also not featuring the most attractive match ups.

At one time, it would have been crazy to think that the NFL fans could become over saturated with games to watch but it feels that we are heading into that direction.

There used to be something special about playing on a Thursday, simply meaning that you knew it had to be Thanksgiving if you saw the NFL on your TV screen on a Thursday.

Now, it is just another beginning to another NFL week.  Some can’t get enough, give me more, play games on Tuesdays and Wednesdays too.

Not me, don’t dillute our national pastime, sorry baseball.  I for one will not be waiting all day for Thursday nights.


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