Former Gamecock Player Corey Miller Thinks Jadeveon Clowney Should Play

by Mark Seidel
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(Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)

(Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)

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Former Gamecock Corey Miller joined Frank and Yarbs to discuss the Jadeveon Clowney situation in Columbia.  Why Miller thinks Clowney should be playing and what can the other defensive players do to pick up the slack.  Corey also gives Steve Spurrier an “F” grade on his handling of the situation.

Corey Miller stopped by the WFNZ studio to weigh in on the Jadeveon Clowney situation down in Columbia, SC.

“He owes it to his teammates [to play]… I said in the preseason, if he’s not going to be able to fully commit to the team, then he shouldn’t play. He says he’s committed to the team. We’ll wait and see. But it’s just been an implosion down there.”

He then responded to whether or not he believed “the hit” on Michigan RB, Vincent Smith, was actually a bad thing for Clowney.

“It was a great play, a great hit, great explosion; the ability to pick up the ball like a loaf of bread — all that was great. But it was just one play. And I think it made people around the country think this kid was Superman, that he could walk on water, and we see that he’s human… He’s a very good player. I think he’s the best football player in the country… but he’s having a hard time getting free and making plays .”

He also addressed the perceived mishandling of the situation by South Carolina Head Coach, Steve Spurrier.

“If I were a professor and/or a teacher, which I am not, but I am going to play this role as we talk sports here. I would give him an “F”… I have a problem with this this miscommunication [between the head coach and the best player]… [He] should’ve been prepared to answer that question. Basically, [he] threw Jadeveon Clowney under the bus and it’s going to cause a national frenzy. And that’s what it did.”

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