If ESPN’s Ryan McGee Really Knows The Manning Family Then Nikita Koloff Is Really From Russia

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I can’t, I can’t get over this! The Book of Manning has been on ESPN’s replay machine for the last two weeks and every time I channel surf to eat, I see Ryan McGee lying in front of the camera. “I know the Manning’s, I helped raised Peyton Manning, I use to change Eli Manning’s diaper…I was the Peyton Manning’s Mr. Belvedere”…Ryan Mcgee, No the Hell you wasn’t!

Ryan McGee you knew the Manning’s about as much as a NASCAR Fan knows about good hygiene. I still to this day, right now, this very moment as I’m typing and Taylor is reading it to you listeners, Puzzled on how Ryan McGee was even called upon to be apart of the Book of Manning.

Damn Ryan McGee is a nosey and I mean nosey S.O.B.! He’s my homie, don’t get me wrong but damn he’s nosey! What is Ryan McGee go pop up next lying in front of a camera? “The E True Hollywood Story on Good Times”, “Behind the Music on Rick James”, I can hear Ryan McGee now, “Yeah I knew Rick James, I was in the studio when he wrote Super Freak…it was me Ryan McGee and 33 White girls”…That’s it, QCB I’m out son…Nice

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