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(Credit: VSP)

(Credit: VSP)

(CBS Charlotte) — In mainstream fitness, most health clubs have taken the approach of merely filling a large warehouse with equipment. Often, people/athletes join health clubs with the vaguest of notions about why they’re actually joining – reasons that include wanting to get into shape, lose weight, build muscle, become a better athlete, or wanting to be “healthy.”

These are all good reasons to join a health club; however, if a person isn’t motivated during their training/work-outs, then they’re only going through the motions — with little motivation to follow through. When a person sets a clear goal, it naturally increases their motivation.

No matter how talented or driven a person/athlete is, they must train to maintain and enhance their ability. What can a person/athlete do differently to maximize their workouts and clearly define their goals? To train like an athlete, you need to shift your mindset from training muscles to training movement patterns. The solution to this lies in a training facility with an entirely different philosophy.

Velocity Sports Performance is the ultimate, affordable training facility that offers training by world-class performance instructors who have coached professionals and Olympic-level athletes. At VSP, athletes train their bodies for power, functional strength and speed. Velocity Sports Performance uses the same methods and techniques on everyone who trains there – from those looking to improve on their athletic abilities, to young athletes and world class athletes alike.

Velocity Sports Performance, located on Nations Ford Rd., is locally owned and operated by Jed Hartigan. The 21 thousand square foot, state-of-the-art facility trains over 100 athletes per day. VSP is known for its size and for its unique training approach. Every square foot of VSP is dedicated to training their athletes, and everyone who trains there gets results.

“Where else can you train with some of the best trainers and athletes in the world? To be the best my thoughts are that you have to do what the best do,” said Entrepreneur Frank Petrosino, a former wrestler who currently trains at VSP.

Most of their training is done in a group setting, and people/athletes want a group experience because it usually motivates them and leads to better results.

I recently had the opportunity to interview Jed about what it takes to own and operate a Velocity Sports Performance. Check out his interview:

Interview with Jed Hartigan:

Q. What gave you the idea to own a VSP and how long have you owned the facility? 

A. I played basketball and ran track in high school. A new training facility opened nearby, and I went through their training program. I was amazed at the improvements in my athleticism, and I also built a great relationship with the coaches at the facility. I was impressed at their level of knowledge about the mechanics of bodily movement and their ability to use that knowledge to help me become a better athlete.

I knew I was never suited for a traditional 9-5 office job, as sitting still is not one of my greatest attributes. The experience with this performance training facility was kind of an epiphany, as I realized that athletic performance training was something I wanted to make a career out of.   I love sports and always wanted to run a business so I focused my education on exercise physiology and looked for the opportunity to realize my goals. I joined the Velocity Sports Performance organization upon graduation from college in 2002. Several years later, I became the Director at the Nations Ford Rd location, which at the time was owned by Corporate Velocity in California. In 2008, I approached Corporate about purchasing the facility so that it would be locally owned and operated. Soon after, I became the owner of Velocity Sports Performance — Charlotte.

Q. Being a Strength and Conditioning Specialist looks like a fun career where you get to wear sneakers and athletic wear to your office. On the other hand, there are many serious aspects of your job. Can you describe them?

A. We are in the business of helping people maximize their ability to perform on and off the playing field — with confidence and a strong desire to meet and exceed their life goals.  Sounds a bit far out there?  Believe me, it’s not. In life, successful people have an innate confidence about their ability to succeed in whatever they set out to accomplish. In our society, athletic, business and social achievement is only achieved by people who believe in themselves. Some are fortunate to be blessed with superior skills and capabilities, but most of us have to earn it the hard way; through effort, desire and proper guidance.

The athletes we work with become highly motivated, whether it is a middle school athlete trying to make his or her team, or an NFL football player looking to gain speed and power to get the edge over his competition. They look to me to give them that edge. In other words, my clients demand results and I have to deliver.

Q. As a coach and owner, what is your greatest responsibility? 

A. My immediate focus when working with an athlete is to make sure they are doing the prescribed exercises or movements properly. This helps to reduce the likelihood of injures and to maximize their speed and power development. But my long term goal is to guide the athlete to help them gain confidence through his or her progression improvements. Confidence in their ability to perform at a high level translates into performing better on the field of play, and in life.

Q. What qualities set you apart from other Trainers? How do you differ from a personal trainer at a local gym? 

A. I have met some really good trainers and coaches around the country and would not be where I am today without their insight and guidance.  Some of the philosophies I use are heavily built around movement analysis and biomechanics to maximize power output and efficiency. The nucleus of this is the fantastic performance development methodology developed by Loren Seagraves over ten years ago. This methodology is foundational to the training structure of every VSP facility throughout the country.  Every new coach is immersed in this methodology before they step out onto the training floor. I have used this as the cornerstone of my training regimen for the past eight years.

I have been very fortunate to have worked with thousands of athletes in every imaginable sport during that time including over 60 professional athletes including Steve Smith, Cam Newton, Chris Harris and Hakeem Nicks – just to name a few.

A professional, innovative coach who applies sound and proven training disciplines can make all the difference in the world when it comes to athletic performance. At Velocity Sports Performance we select only the best of the best when it comes to our coaching staff. Our coaches are degreed and certified. Our coaches understand that while they should push athletes to the limit, effective training also requires positive reinforcement and the use of methods that cater to each athlete’s individual learning style.  I have great relationships with many trainers in Charlotte and across the country

Q. What are the 4 core values of your facility?

A. There are a number of core values that define Velocity Sports Performance, but the four I value the most are:

1.     Delivering Client Value. Fulfilling our obligation each and every day, to help our client athletes reach and exceed their goals.

2.     Best Training Practice. Applying the most innovative training techniques.

3.     Best People. Our ability to succeed is in the hands of our coaches and staff each and every day. We must attract and retain quality people who share our goals and beliefs and work well with our clients.

4.     Integrity.  Being honest with our clients by saying what we mean and taking responsibility to deliver value.

Want to find out more? Visit the Velocity Sports Performance website.

(credit: VSP)

(credit: VSP)

-Nichole Jaworski, CBS Charlotte

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