20 Things Men And Women Wish Their Significant Other Knew About Them

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(Photo credit: Thinkstock)

(CBS Charlotte) — If only men and women could understand the opposite sex, the world would be perfect — and so would their relationship, right?

Maybe, but maybe not. We’ve all heard that “Men are from Mars and women are from Venus” before, but is it possible that being from two different planets is actually a good thing? If men and women were alike, and had the same thoughts, feelings, and emotions, quite plausibly it would be disastrous for their relationship. Perhaps, being different and having different perspectives is what keeps the relationship intact.

There are far too many relationships that end due to small issues that manifest themselves over a period of time. At some point, many of these disagreements, different perspectives, or obstacles snowball and bring the relationship to a sudden halt. However, if a man and woman can accept that there is no such thing as a perfect relationship and instead, learn to thrive in a perfectly imperfect relationship, they could possibly bring down the barriers that naturally divide them — and remain together.

Of course, it does help to understand the mentality of the opposite sex, and how and why they react in certain situations, what they yearn for, and what they want and need from the opposite sex.

Here are some things that most men and women wish their significant other knew about them:

1. Most women love to be held and hugged. Even if a woman is incredibly independent, being held and hugged makes them feel safe and secure — even if they don’t admit it. Most men, on the other hand, are generally less affectionate than woman, and they may not realize how important affection is.

2. Both men and women want to be noticed by their significant other. Things such as a new hair cut, new clothing, or results from working out or losing a few pounds need to be complimented without being pointed out.

3. Most of the time when a girl fantasizes, it’s about her significant other. Most of the time when a guy fantasizes, it’s about another woman. If more woman knew this, more men would be single, but truth be told, a fantasy that isn’t acted upon doesn’t hurt anyone … sorry ladies, it’s the truth.

4. Most women smile when they see a text or email from their significant other. Most men see constant communication as an obligation. Furthermore, most men get annoyed if they receive constant texts from their significant other, especially if the messages are about where he is or what he is doing, etc.

5. Women want to feel wanted and not taken for granted, and they want their man to initiate contact. Unless a man has a specific reason to call or text, he is less likely to initiate contact. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t think about his girl, it just means that he doesn’t feel the need to talk to her all the time.

6. Some women cling to men, but others are terrified of losing their independence. Surprisingly, if a man is serious about a woman, he will almost always trade in his independence for the comfort and security the relationship can provide.

7. Most women are more forgiving than men, even though woman tend to be more forgiving than they should be. Enough said.

8. Most men want more oral sex. Most women don’t perform oral sex very often.

9. When a woman says she’s fine, she’s not. When a man says he’s fine, he really is. Here’s where the problem lies: The word “fine” registers in a woman’s mind as signifying a problem because it is one of her choice words when she is lying about being okay. When she hears her guy use the word fine, she may pry about what’s bothering him, which quite frankly, confuses the heck out of him. Dear men, avoid the word fine altogether.

10. If a woman withholds sex, it’s generally because she is not feeling connected to her man, she’s “feeling fat” or withholding sex as a form of punishment. If a man withholds sex, it’s usually because … well, wait … men don’t want you to know why. Let’s just say if this happens in your relationship, it’s already over. Sorry women.

11. Most men do not understand a woman’s love of shoes. Women are generally not into men who share their love of shoes. Sorry men.

12. Most women desire more romance and spontaneity in their relationship. Most men tend to be creatures of habit and are less likely to understand the importance of romance and spontaneity.

13. Most women feel valued when their guy asks for their advice. Most men really do not care to give advice.

14. Most women secretly want their man to take the lead, in just about everything. Most men do not want to feel as though they have to lead in every aspect of the relationship.

15. Most women find men at their sexiest when they are fixing things, shaving, or holding a baby. Most men find women sexy when they can hold an intellectual conversation, when they are dressed in tight/somewhat revealing clothing, or when they are naked.

16. A woman wants to hear that she is the best thing that ever happened to her man. A man doesn’t need to hear this, he just needs to know that he is the only special guy in her life.

17. If a woman doesn’t feel loved and valued, sooner or later, she will start looking in other directions to fill the void. If a man doesn’t get enough sex in a relationship, eventually, he will seek out sex outside the relationship.

18. If a woman’s man is flirting with another girl, she considers this cheating. Most men know that their girl talks to other guys, and doesn’t consider it cheating. Furthermore, they don’t think that their girl should consider it cheating when they talk to, or flirt with other women.

19. Here’s where both men and women think alike: Most women would rather that their man break up with them, instead of cheat on them. Most men prefer that their girl breaks up with them, rather than cheat on them as well.

20. Most women know everything about their relationship, and everything about their guy. Most men do not remember every detail about their relationship, or every detail about their girl. It doesn’t mean that they don’t love you ladies, it just means that they are not as obsessed about the relationship as you are. Moreover, they won’t think about you all of the time, they won’t analyze things as much as you do, and they won’t understand why you don’t understand why they are this way. But, your guy loves you, probably more than he admits to himself.

-Nichole Jaworski, CBS Charlotte

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