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Police Chief Rodney Monroe Encourages CBS Radio’s “Don’t Text & Drive” Campaign

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We had the distinct pleasure to have Charlotte Mecklenburg’s Police Chief Rodney Monroe stop by our CBS Radio stations to talk with Public Affairs Host Francene Marie about the serious problems facing drivers when it comes to distracted driving.

Along with CBS Radio’s Charles Whitfield, the duo talked with Francene about how texting & distracted driving has become even worse of a problem than drinking and driving.

CBS Radio’s “Don’t Text & Drive” campaign is trying to make a difference in our community by teaching kids and even adults the dangers of distracted driving, because it only takes 2-3 seconds to crash your vehicle when looking at an email or text on your phone.

Watch the interview above to also see about the recruiting process of our police department and the benefits of joining the squad, including free college tuition!

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