Golf Fans Need To Shut The Hell Up…Seriously

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(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

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It’s not just “Get in the Hole” anymore folks. The ever popular phrase that seemed to sky-rocket when Tiger Woods burst on the scene is just a memory. Golf patrons have advanced their vocabulary to include foods and even player sponsors.

Things like “mashed potatoes”, “scalloped potatoes” and even “Rutabaga” yes the Swedish turnip have started to make their presence known on the course. Hell even players sponsors are fair game now, Jim Furyk has heard “5 Hour Energy!!” after shots. Star Wars movie sidekick Chewbaca has even heard his name yelled after shots, as has Howard Stern Show producer “Ba Ba Booey”.

Consider me not a fan…at all. People and their need to be seen and heard has been taken too far. You don’t go to a PGA golf tournament to yell things while players swing. You go to watch the best players in the world play golf. If I’m in the gallery with you and you start yelling things, I might just throat chop you. We’ll see how loud you can yell with a cracked windpipe. PGA Tour player Ian Poulter tweeted that he thinks maybe a taser can be implemented in to some kind of punishment and I’m with him. Obviously his 8 over par tie for 61st at the PGA Championship might have had something to do with his displeasure.

He also mentioned that this kind of thing wouldn’t happen at Augusta and he is right. That is how golf should be played.

The 16th hole at The Waste Management-Phoenix Open is different. I like that and the way fans react to shots there. They aren’t yelling during back swings or yelling menu items. Just kicking back a few brews and cheering loudly…after shots. It’s not tools DVR’ing the tournament so they can go home afterwords and listen to themselves yell things. If I am a tournament director, I am telling my marshalls if they see anyone yelling these stupid things to throw them out. Plain and simple. This is the PGA Tour, not Happy Gilmore.

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