Top 10 Things That Make You Attractive To Mosquitoes

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File photo of mosquito.(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

File photo of mosquito.(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

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(CBS Radio) — If you frequently get bit by mosquitoes, you have probably wondered at some point or another why these annoying insects seem to always find you — even amongst a large crowd of people.

Worse, does it seem like you are the only one being “eaten alive” by mosquitoes? Surprisingly, it may not be far-fetched that mosquitoes are more attracted to you than other people.

Most mosquitoes seek out certain blood types and certain characteristics when choosing their prey. On average, one in 10 people are considered extremely attractive to these insects. Additionally, the reason mosquitoes seek out human blood is because our blood enables their eggs to become fertile.

Here are the top characteristics that make you more likely to get bit by a mosquito:

10. Sleeping/Sitting Still. Mosquitoes seek out people who they believe will provide them with the the best opportunity to feed. If you are taking a nap outside, or are relaxing after a big meal — you are more susceptible to getting bit by a mosquito.

9. High Cholesterol. Having a higher level of cholesterol in your blood makes you more attractive to mosquitoes. You can lower your cholesterol by eating more fruits and vegetables and sticking to lean meats.

8. Wearing Dark Clothing. Wearing dark colors makes you stand out to mosquitoes. To reduce your risk of getting bit, wear lighter colors.

7 and 6. Drinking Alcohol and Higher Body Temperature. Drinking just one can of beer or one mixed drink drastically increases your chances of being bit by a mosquito. This is because drinking alcohol increases your body temperature. Additionally, some people naturally have higher body temperatures than other people. Mosquitoes are drawn to warmer blood.

5.  Carbon Dioxide. We all emit carbon dioxide, but the more carbon dioxide you emit, the more likely a mosquito will bite you. Adults emit more carbon dioxide than children, so in general, adults are more likely to be bit than children. 

4. Blood Type. If you have Type O Blood, you are more likely to be bitten by mosquitoes than any other blood type.

3. Sweating. Mosquitoes are very attracted to a persons sweat. This is due to the combination of lactic acid and emitting more carbon dioxide.

2. Being Pregnant. Pregnant woman exhale more carbon dioxide than other people, in addition to running higher body temperatures and having more blood circulating through her body than the average person.

1. Genetics. Yes, you can blame your parents for being more attractive to mosquitoes. Around 85 percent of your chances for being popular in the mosquito community is linked to your genetics.

-Nichole Jaworski, CBS Charlotte

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