Lewis Woodard Talks NBA Finals, Future Of Heat’s Big 3 With Sean Grimm Of B/R

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(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Last Word 6-19-2013: Bleacher Report columnist Sean Grimm joins Lewis to break down Game 6, predict Game 7 and look ahead to the future of the Big 3 in Miami. Why is LeBron struggling with his shot right now? What’s at stake for Miami if they lose Game 7? Is Chris Bosh likely to get traded?

Lewis starts off with a joke about Miami fans leaving early and asks Sean if they’re unfairly criticized. Sean thinks so. “There are a good amount of Heat fans who have been with this team through thick and thin. Through the 90′s, Tim Hardaway, Alonzo Mourning, they’ve been there since the beginning. And then you’ve got these people leaving the game early, which makes everyone look bad (2:35).”

Lewis notes that those who left early missed a great game and perhaps the best shot ever–Ray Allen’s three at the end of regulation. “That’s the best shot that I think I’ve ever seen, when you consider the situation and the moment (3:05).” Sean agrees and calls it “probably the best shot in Heat history (3:39).”

They move on to the LeBron “legacy game” label, which is used far too often. Lewis mentions that LeBron is 28 and will likely play in the Finals several more times. He then tries to get to the root of the “legacy game” fascination. “Who is LeBron always compared to? Well, Michael Jordan. And that’s one of the reasons people are so aggressive in their anti-LeBron stance. They don’t want him threatening Michael’s legacy.” Lewis continues, “LeBron is just 28 years old. Michael didn’t make it to the Finals, didn’t win the Finals until he was 28. So even if LeBron were to lose, he’d be 1/4 and Michael at the age of 28 was 1/1. People would be penalizing LeBron for winning Eastern Conference Championships when Michael could not (6:34).”

LeBron’s legacy aside, Lewis wonders what’s at stake for the Heat in Game 7. He asks Sean how the Heat could improve their roster this off season. He responds, “It does seem like trading Bosh would be the only solution (10:34).” Lewis asks if Charlotte’s first round pick would be enough to part with Bosh. Sean doesn’t think so. “I wouldn’t do it for the fourth pick. I think Bosh gives you a better chance to win right now and I don’t think any of those guys can come in and really adapt to the veteran environment and give what James and Wade demand of him–to win championships (15:00).”

Lewis asks Sean about Game 7 and he goes with a brief, logical answer. “It’s difficult for me to see a scenario in which LeBron James and this Heat team would lose a Game 7 on their home floor. Literally it’s a simple as that (17:10).”

Win or lose, will LeBron James become a free agent in 2014? Sean thinks so. “I do expect him to opt out, regardless. I just think it’s a smart business move for him. He’s only going to be 29 years old. He has a long time left in this league so he needs to ensure he’s in the best opportunity financially and to win championships (21:13).”

~Lewis Woodard, WFNZ Sports Radio The Fan 610 AM

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