Health Dangers Associated With Wearing High Heels

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(Photo by FRANCK FIFE/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo by FRANCK FIFE/AFP/Getty Images)

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(CBS Charlotte) — Most women don’t shop for high heels with comfort in mind, but rather they shop for cute heels that compliment their fashion sense.

However, most women do not realize that the heels they wear may do permanent damage to certain parts of their body. Furthermore, this irreversible damage can happen at a young age.

A study published last year in the Journal of Applied Physiology places special emphasis on how young women may experience health issues related to their their feet, back, hips and knees. Furthermore, these health issues surfaced in women as young as 25-years-old.

The study revealed that women who wear high heels place most of their weight on the balls of their feet and walk with shorter, more forceful strides. What’s especially surprising in the study is that the women in the study group walked the same way, even after removing their heels.

Overtime, walking in such a manner places unnecessary strain on a women’s hips, leg muscles/tendons, and  back and hips. The damage to these areas of the body can be so severe that surgery is needed to repair the damage.

Here are some healthy alternatives to help prevent surgery from wearing high heels:

1. Wear different types of shoes everyday. Alternating between heels and sneakers will drastically reduce the amount of damage done to your feet, hips, and back. As long as your feet don’t get used to wearing the same shoes everyday, you will still be able to walk without placing the majority of your weight on the balls of your feet — once removing your high heels.

2. During days that you wear high heels, if you have a desk job, remove your heels a few times during the workday and stretch your feet to keep the tendons and ligaments in your feet healthy.

3. If you work in the city and walk a few blocks in and out of work, consider wearing commuting shoes and changing into high heels once you arrive at your desk.

4. Some high heels offer more foot support than others. If possible, wear a pair of thick high heels.

-Nichole Jaworski, CBS Charlotte

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